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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Xbox 360 and Wii

There are some great deals on game consoles these days. You can grab an Xbox 360 arcade for just $170 at Dell Home or a Wii for just $130 at Newegg. Check out the links. Xbox 360 and Wii. Also check out and for more deals.

Saturday, November 7, 2009 and

Two other sweet sites that are easy to use are and Swagbucks lets you earn points simply by doing google searches and collecting hidden codes while Lockerz lets you collect points just by logging in and answering simple questions, mostly just yes or no answers. Both sites have an awsome veriaty of affordable prizes. If you would like to try Swagbucks just sign up through the widget at the top of the page. If you want to try out Lockerz send me and e-mail at so I can invite you because the site is an exclusive invite only program. Hope this is helpful.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Earn Cash

Don't like the the prize selection at prizerebel? Would you rather have cash? Try HourlyGPT. It works the same way as prizerebel but you can get cash instead of prizes and there is no minimum payout.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

About PrizeRebel is a site that you can earn free stuff from. It works by having you complete offers (mostly in the form of surveys) to earn points which can be redeemed for gifts including video games and accessories, subscriptions to gaming sites, toys, or anything from any retail site such as Amazon, Ebay,, etc. I have already saved up enough points and ordered Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts (a very fun game by the way.) The reason I created this blog is to help others get free prizes as easily as I did. If you like you can show your support for this site by signing up as one of my referrals or by taking the time to view any of the ads on this page but it is not necessary to get your free prizes.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How to get points easily on Prizerebel

Step 1

First, lets start by making sure you have all the Programs/utilities required.

-Go on first and download a free FireFox browser if you don't already have it. The reason you need Firefox is because the "hack" program is an add-on for FireFox, thus only working on FireFox.

-After you have FireFox Downloaded, go To RoboForm.Com and download the free Roboform Form Filler. This will allow you to quickly do offers without having to fill in you Name, address, ect. ever time you do a new one. This will save you a LOT OF TIME.

-Now, Once you have those two, go to this link
and download the addon.

After you restart FireFox, you should see a 'monkey' icon in the lower-right corner of FireFox. This is an icon that allows you to quickly turn on or off different scripts.

Now go to the link and click the install button near the top right corner.

Step 2

Now, since you have these things needed, I will tell you how to complete the 1.5 credit offers in about 3-4 minutes per offer.

Step 3

First You have to configure your FireFox Browser to be able to correctly do offers. Just follow the steps below

1. Click on Tools>Options>Privacy Tab>Show Cookies.
2. Then click Remove All Cookies
3.Go the the Content Tab now and Un-check the "block pop-up windows" option.
4. Now press ok

Ok you are now ready to do offers.

Step 4

Now you have to sign up for prize rebel. The sign up link is here or click the banner

Step 5

-To do this, Just go to Tools>Clear Recent History then chose everything as your range and only check the cookies box then click Clear Now.

-When you clear your cookies before an offer, you have to log in again because after you clear your cookies, you will be logged out.

The Reason you need to clear your cookies is because many (if not most) of the 1.5 offers run using the same cache server. If you don't clear you cookies you won't get your credits because the server will think you already did the offer.

Step 6

The steps below will explain step by step on how to complete a 1.5 offer.

Step 7

1.Go to
2.Clear your cookies (how to do so is explained in step 5 above)
3. Now go log in

Step 8

Man.... this How to is taking forever...

-Anyway, Now go and click on View Available Offers which is on the left side of the page.
-You are now on the offers page. From here it is best if you sort the offers by Points: Greatest to Least
You will now be able to see all the 1.5 offers on the first few pages.

Step 9

Below is a List of all the 1.5 offers that do NOT work.
- Gap vs. Abercrombie
- TV Shows
- Lucentis
- McDonalds vs. Burger King
- Survey: Coke vs Pepsi (there is another one that does work no survey in the title though so..)
- M&M Peanut vs. Plain
- Best Buy vs. Circuit City
- Presidential Election Survey
- Wii vs Xbox vs PS3
- Crest vs. Colgate
- Reality TV Dance Shows
- BigBrandGiveaway - Free GPS Navigation System
- BigBrandGiveaway - Home Depot $500 Gift Card
- Sony vs. Panasonic vs. Mitsubishi
- BigBrandGiveaway - Sams Club $500 Gift Card
- BigBrandGiveaway - Jack In The Box $100 Gift Card

Here is a list of the offers that I got to work:

- $250 Crate & Barrel Gift Card
- Crystal-Offers - $500 Costco Gift Card
- GIA: Flu Fighters
- Favorite Character on Nip Tuck - Exclusive
- 16GB iPod Nano
- Insurance Mall
- eMarketPanel - Wheel of Fortune vs. Jeopardy
- NSP: Costco vs Sams
- Taltopia
- ArcaMax - Daily Jokes
- PetSmart vs. Petco
- - Taco Bell vs. Wendys
- NationalSurveyPanel iHop vs. Dennys
- Reward Bonanza - Mario Character *Exclusive*
- $250 Restaurant Gift Card

Step 10

-Pick a 1.5 offer that is not listed in the "Does not work" list above.
-Click one it
-You are now on a page that asks for your email
-Write in a fake email and press submit (roboform and autofill it for you)

When you are doing these 1.5 offers, if you always submit the same email, you will stop getting points. This has to do with the same concept as the cookies.

To get around this, type in the same email every time BUT add a dot (.) anywhere before the @ in the email. You can add as many dots as you want as well. This way you will still get the points and the email will still be counted as the same one, but it will not stop you from getting points.

Try to add dots to different places each time you do an offer. Remember, you can put more than one dot at a time if you want.

Step 11

After this, press submit and you will be taken to a page that will ask you for your personal info.

Have Roboform Autofill it for you. Make sure that you don't use any real info.

Once the form is filled out press submit and continue to the next page.

Step 12

Now here is where the program does its magic. The program will automatically select no for all the offers. The program will work again by itself all the way until the end. If it doesn't work right click on the monkey icon and select "manage user scripts" click on "just say no" and add the url of the page you were on to the list of included pages then refresh the page.

Step 13

The final steps of the Survey are what really give you your points. The final page usually says Final Steps or something like that and tells you to start by completing 1 silver offer.

This is why people think these offers are hard.... but they're not.

All you have to do is click on any one of the offers in the list. It will open in another tab and a little box will popup in the upper left hand corner. close that little box and go back to the page with offers. LEAVE THAT TAB YOU MADE OPEN.

Step 14

Now scroll all the way down and you will see a link that says
After You've Completed 1 Offer(s) above, Go To Next Page.
-Click it.
-Now it will ask you to complete two more gold offers. Do the same process you did with the first offer and click only two more.
-After this you should have 4-5 tabs open.
The tab with all the offers
The tabs of the three offers you've clicked in total.

Step 15

After you do all this, go to the tab with all the offers. (the tab where you had to click the silver/gold offers)
-here all you have to do now is refresh the page.
-A popup almost half the size of the screen will show up.


Step 16

Do not exit any of the tabs or the popup for the offer. Instead wait about 10-20 seconds and go on the prizerebel tab and refresh it to see if you have the points (usually you get the points within a few 5-20 seconds)

Step 17

If for some reason you did not get the points, just try another offer. The offer you just did might have become broken.

Step 18

Hope I could help you guys =)